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Why I incorporate singing into music lessons and you should too.

All of my students are singers.

But Rhonda, you teach piano & flute?

Yes I do! But when they are with me, they are all singers too!

Incorporating singing into instrumental music lessons can be a transformative and enriching experience for both teachers and students. While the primary focus of instrumental instruction is often mastering the techniques of playing an instrument, the inclusion of singing can significantly enhance a student's overall musicality and understanding of music. Singing promotes ear training, aural awareness, and a deeper connection to the music being performed.

By encouraging students to sing along with their instrument, teachers foster a stronger sense of melody, rhythm, and phrasing. Singing helps students internalize musical concepts and develop a more expressive and emotive approach to their playing. Additionally, it enhances their ability to interpret and convey musical nuances, ultimately making them more well-rounded musicians.

Singing can be a powerful tool for reinforcing music theory concepts, as students engage with pitch, intervals, and harmony in a tangible and memorable way. Overall, incorporating singing into instrumental lessons not only enhances musical skills but also fosters a deeper and more profound appreciation for the art of music itself.

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Singing Is Essential
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