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Sing or Dare ~ a fun game for music students

Like so many music teachers, I've worked at a lot of Summer Music Camps.

Today I'm sharing a game that literally never fails to have students singing and laughing (my 2 favorite summer camp activities).

I feel confident that this game would work just as well in a classroom setting. Pull it out during the Back to School excitement and create a really positive environment in your classroom.

Print the cards on cardstock or laminate them.

My rules for Sing or Dare:

  1. Pick either a "Sing" card or a "Dare" card.

  2. Read the card to the class and complete the challenge.

  3. If you read the challenge and absolutely don't want to do it you may pick a card from the other pile. BUT at this point you're stuck and you must complete one of the challenges.

  4. Choose the next player.

Feel free to modify the rules for your group. I offer stickers for completing challenges from the "Sing" pile but that's up to you. Enjoy!

SING or DARE (1)
Download PDF • 160KB

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