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What age group is the Summer Singing Experience geared towards?

Ages 7-18.

Where will the weekend Intensive be held?

Seiche Dance Collective is in the lower level of Griswold Plaza in Downtown Erie. 

We're very excited to use their space for the 3 days of classes and rehearsals!


What if I'm already enrolled in lessons with Berlin Music Studio?

You can do both! If you'd like to schedule 4 additional lessons with Rhonda throughout the summer, just register as usual.  OR you can choose to use those 4 lessons during the month of June

at your regular time.  In that case, you won't receive a lesson invoice in June.


What if I'm already enrolled in lessons somewhere else?

Great! We're happy to welcome you for the summer and hope that the experience

enhances your skills!


Do I have to audition?

Nope! All ability levels are welcome to participate! 

Whether you've been singing your whole life or just starting

to find your voice, there's a place for you.

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