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Where will the Musical Dino Adventure go next?

Solfege, the vocalization of musical notes using the syllables Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Ti, provides a playful and accessible entry point into the world of musical literacy.

I’ve created this Musical Adventure to help you unleash the creativity in your students while you are reinforcing music literacy concepts.

As I was writing I was thinking of you- the music educators who are each as unique as your students. I wanted to make sure to give you the flexibility to use your own creativity (and borrow a little bit of mine).

Musical Dino Tales works for any instrument - it's all about pitch awareness, intervals and ear training.

So, Musical Dino Tales Book 1 is out in the world and I really hope you & your young students love it. But what comes next?

On February 17th I have the privilege of speaking about solfege & music literacy at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention in Washington DC. So now, I get to work on the flute-specific lessons that will go alongside Book 1 & 2.

What instrument should I do next?

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When solfege is intertwined with the natural creativity of teachers, parents, & tiny musicians I firmly believe that music literacy is not far away.

Thanks for being on the journey with me!

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