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Mad About Dinosaurs?

Last week I posted a video on my TikTok. The reaction was... a little unexpected.

I realize I'm not for everyone but I was still surprised when my introduction to my book, "Musical Dino Tales" caused one follower to become super annoyed with me!

They didn't like that the baby Dinos were not more realistic. And they were right! The Dinos were never meant to be accurate representations of dinosaurs. I'm not a scientist or a paleontologist. I'm not an archeologist. I'm a music teacher.

So, the dinosaurs I've created sing songs with their dinosaur friends and they are stinking adorable if I do say so myself! That's their whole job- be adorable and help kids learn solfege and sing intervals and spark some creativity.

It's just not any more complicated than that.

Check out "Musical Dino Tales" on Amazon HERE. (If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you already have access)

Or get your first Musical Dino Freebie HERE.


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