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Don't Stop Believing!

This time of year can be so stressful for musicians & music teachers. It's easy to lose sight of the magic of the Christmas season when we are drowning in performances & rehearsals.

Today I'm giving you a printable reminder... print as many copies as you need in as many sizes as you need to remind yourself & your students that the magic of Christmas is still there. Don't Stop Believing friends! Break is almost here!

Download PDF • 715KB

Don't forget- you can join my Learnie Community and get all the printables and presentations and activities at one time. I post everything there as soon as it's ready and you pay one monthly price ($7.99) for unlimited access. If you're spending even $10/month in my store - and THANK YOU to those of you that are doing that- this is the better deal for you.

My Learnie Community also includes videos from me with tips & tricks & inspiration for your teaching. The Learnie platform is relatively new so if you join today you'll be among the first members and I'll be looking for your requests & suggestions as we grow together!

Don't Stop Believing friends- Christmas break is right around the corner!

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