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Winter Staff Paper

I really like activities & lessons that require students to write out their notes. I have found that writing their own music notation (even if it doesn't look amazing) helps students to internalize their music reading skills quicker. Writing out the notes makes connections between what they see on the page and what they understand.

Today I have a pair of FREE Winter Staff Pages for you to print and use with your students today! If you'd like the entire 6 page set of blank manuscript pages you can get them HERE.

Download PDF • 260KB

Would you like to have all the resources available at any time? How would you like to have the resources along with some guidance on how to use them effectively in your classroom?

Today I'm inviting you to become one of the first members of my Learnie community! There are already quite a few resources waiting for you there and more are coming all the time. I know, you need more time. Let me give you some of mine.

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