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An invitation & another FREE winter printable!

Here they are- ukulele chords ready to print & play. These are the most commonly used chords in popular music for you & your students. I've formatted them nice and big so that you can print, laminate and use them as flashcards. You can also share them online or project them onto a screen in your classroom.

Friends, I love making resources that are only limited by your imagination.

Would you like to get all the resources at one time instead of waiting for emails?

Well, now you can join my Learnie Community and have access to my entire library of resources which is constantly growing! You also get tips & inspiration for using these resources in your own classroom.

Learnie is a micro-learning platform. Teachers don't have time or energy to sit through any more long lectures. Learnies are short, sweet and packed with value! Join me there today!

Before you go, download your Ukulele Chord Charts!

Xmas Uke
Download PDF • 6.04MB

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