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3 Songs to Inspire Teen Pianists Today

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Teen pianists need inspiration! They don't practice if they are not feeling inspired. And frankly, neither do I. Here are 3 pieces that will have your teen students heading for the piano bench more often.

"Fight Song" by Rachel Platton arranged by Jennifer Eklund

My students love this song with a powerful, positive message! It's listed under Easy Piano but I would say it's for your Early Intermediate students.

"When the Party's Over" Billie Eilish arranged by Jennifer Eklund

My students are really into Billie Eilish right now and this arrangement doesn't disappoint. It's in the original key so it's a great way to introduce multiple sharps to a student who might otherwise be scared of key signatures.

"Havana" by Camila Cabello arranged by Rhonda Berlin

I arranged this one after several Intermediate level pianists asked for it. This is so fun to play and introduces some syncopated rhythms in a familiar song.

What songs are your students asking for in 2021?

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