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2023 is almost here- are you ready?

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

I truly hope you've been able to spend the last week resting and relaxing and maybe even doing a whole lot of nothing.

So don't let any lesson planning panic wreck your plans. I'm here for you.

Today I'm bringing you a 2023 Calendar for Music Teachers. It's loaded with Composer's Birthdays, Music-related days to celebrate and even some month-long observances to inspire you.

It's cute, it's printable and it's got spaces for you to fill in with your own celebrations that are important in your school, studio, or classroom. (Don't forget to put your own birthday on there!)

Download your pdf today and print it out. Then get back on that couch! I'll do some lesson planning for you- check your inbox tomorrow.

2023 Calendar
Download PDF • 613KB

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