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Flutes & Oboes & Saxes galore!

I love talking about instruments with my 5th & 6th grade music students. The advent of TikTok has given us so many fun examples of the sounds these instruments play and there are some truly funny creators out there! (In my personal opinion, one key to communicating with this age group is to not be afraid to get silly!)

Today I'm sharing a printable with you that I use to teach the Woodwind Family. It includes several fun facts about each woodwind instrument and it really helps the students to stay on track.

I have also made a presentation in Canva with slides for each instrument AND embedded YouTube videos for each instrument.

I change my approach depending on the class and their group dynamic. Sometimes I share the link to the presentation with the students (in my district every student has a laptop) and I allow them to work in pairs to fill in all the blanks.

With other classes I might present the slides myself and talk them through the form.

I'd love to share this presentation (and others!) with you! I'm inviting you to join my Learnie Community today. I add new resources several times a week and each Learnie includes everything you need to start using that resource RIGHT NOW.

You can finish a Learnie and get to teaching in 3-5 minutes. I understand that you don't have endless hours to prepare for your classes or watch instructional videos. No worries! I'm making this quick and easy. Become one of the founding members of my Learnie Community today!

Download PDF • 175KB

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