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3 Quick Tips for Singing with Young Musicians

Updated: Mar 24

Stick to the Major Scale

When starting with young musicians, stick to the major scale. Begin with the first five notes.

There are so many melodies that can be sung using just Do, Re, Mi, Fa, and So!

Once these five notes are solidly learned and can be sung with confidence, adding La and Ti is easy. Remember, the key is to ensure that the foundational notes are super solid, making the addition of La and Ti easy and natural.

Use Visual Aids

Posters, flashcards, and even soft toys can all serve as effective teaching tools. By adding visuals to the singing lessons, you open up another door through which kids can learn. Visual aids can help in memorizing the notes, understanding the rhythm, and even in developing a sense of pitch.

Here are some FREE printable posters to get you started:

Dino Solfeg Posters (11 x 8.5 in) (1)
Download PDF • 2.11MB

Use Movement

Let's not forget that we are not designed to be still! Encourage your young musicians to use movement in their singing and playing. Not only will you be able to channel the student's natural inclination to move, but you'll also potentially unleash another level of musicality. Movements can help in expressing the emotions of a song, in maintaining the rhythm, and even in improving the overall performance.

Happy Singing!

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