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It's a very Harry Styles week in piano!

The newest addition to our collection of chord charts is "Sign of the Times" by Harry Styles!

Chord Charts go out to pianists and teachers every Tuesday and this week students are enjoying this one with only 3 chords. I love teaching these songs because students can enjoy a "big sound" quickly.

Get yourself on my mailing list and download your first free chart today! New ones deliver every Tuesday AND subscribers get access to all of the past charts!

Just click on the photo to the right and get started. Have suggestions for future charts? Click the Chat button and let me know!

I also like to give expanded options that teach chord inversions. The photo to the left will take you to the expanded chart for Sign of the Times as well as some other charts I've expanded.

Every single chart comes with teaching tips. I was classically trained so I understand that teaching pop music & chord charts might feel a little bit out of your territory but I promise you can do it and I want to help!

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